3 Ways To Take CBD: Which Form Is Right For You?

3 Ways To Take CBD: Which Form Is Right For You?

There are many uses for CBD, from health and wellness benefits to quelling anxiety to applications for your pets (really!). CBD is a proven, powerful substance, and not Only are the uses plentiful, so are the ways to take CBD. When it comes to CBD and its consumption, more forms are popping up – from capsules to tinctures to even gummy bears, CBD has a lot of faces — with more likely coming soon! In the post below, we examine 3 ways you can take CBD when ingesting it (there are many ways to take it topically, too, from bath bombs to oils — but we’ll cover those in a later post!), and which one might be best for you. 

Take A Tincture

A tincture is a concentrated substance made from a plant or herb, in this case hemp oil. The herb is soaked in alcohol or a mix of alcohol and water for a time. Tinctures are sold in small bottles, and taken in small quantities as they are concentrated. Tinctures are often taken through a small dropper, which is used to drop a small amount into the mouth directly under the tongue. Tinctures can also be added into a liquid – or even a food dish – and be taken that way. Some tinctures are flavored for just this purpose (unflavored varieties are available, too)!  Tinctures can also be taken from a pump bottle. 

Benefits: Convenient, Strong, Selection of Products, Discreet, Tasty (if flavored)

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Consume A Capsule

A capsule, more commonly referred to as a pill, is one way CBD can be packaged. CBD is concentrated in a capsule, which is a fast and easy way to digest the substance. The capsule is ingested and then it spreads into your system, delivering a consistent dosage. A capsule is a good solution for those who don’t care about taste, as well as a good way to integrate into existing routines. If you are taking CBD to manage pain or for another health reason, taking a capsule daily is a good way to remember to do so, especially if paired with other vitamins or pills you are taking as part of your routine. 

Benefits: Routine, Consistent Dosage, FAst-Acting

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Grab A Gummy

Like candy? You’re in luck! CBD is available in gummy form, shaped as a much-loved snack the gummy bear. CBD candy is a good option for anyone who likes candy, and also the best-tasting CBD option out there. With a variety of flavors, you can combine a favorite taste with the CBD you are looking for. Gummies are also inconspicuous and easy to carry with you if you as they appear just like any treat. 

Benefits: Flavor (delicious), Discreet, Enjoyable to Eat

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Which CBD Form Do You Prefer?

All the forms above have the benefit of being easy to transport and travel with, and can be taken as discreetly as you like. Additionally, no one CBD form is proven to be most effective, so you’ll get the results you want no matter which one you choose. Not sure how you like your CBD yet? Give all the options a try and see which is your favorite! 


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