How To Be Stress Free With CBD

How To Be Stress Free With CBD

While much research is still being conducted, there are a wide variety of benefits to CBD that are being explored. Once such benefit is the substance’s ability to reduce stress and anxiety. CBD has historically been used to reduce anxiety in ancient cultures, and more recent studies have shown the substance can reduce anxiety in today’s busy world — and in both humans and pets!

What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety refers to strong feelings of fear, apprehension, worry and nervousness that occur in life, and in some ways feels like a more serious form of stress Anxiety is experienced by many people, both casually and in more serious cases. Anxiety can be particularly strong when it comes to dealing with unknowns, and for many people anxiety goes beyond a standard feeling and is actually classified as a disorder. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, over 40 million adults in the USA are impacted by anxiety and these disorders are the most common mental illness (source).

Common Causes of Anxiety

Anxiety can come from many places, especially in today’s busy go go go world. However, when looking at stress and anxiety there are some common root causes.

Work and School: Anxiety can stem from obligations and responsibilities, such as assignments, working in a team setting, or worries and stress about how and when to get the job done and if it’s being done right.

Financials: Managing money and bills as well as other financial obligations is often a major source of anxiety for adults.

Social Settings: Stress can occur around situations that require interacting with others, from awkward or new situations to more severe forms of social anxiety.

Interpersonal Relationships: Including romantic relationships and all they entail, managing familial relationships and ties, or marriages. 

Emotional Trauma: Anxiety can come as a result of a life event or upsetting experience which occurs and can trigger it.

Illness: Part of a more severe medically-classified illness such as generalized anxiety disorder.

CBD + Anxiety: How It Works

CBD works to reduce anxiety by interacting with the receptors or neurotransmitters in the brain. Research suggests that the substance works with these receptors that impact mood, including the production of serotonin, as well as by impacting something called endocannabinoids which can cause stress or anxiety if they are out of balance. These functions allow CBD to address anxiety at its source, and more and more people are turning to CBD as an alternative, all-natural treatment. Although more research needs to be done, some studies have shown CBD has helped combat anxiety and allowed people to feel better when struggling with stress, social anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder and even anxieties associated with depression.

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