In Pain? CBD Oil As A Treatment For Chronic Pain

The research supporting CBD oil’s myriad uses and benefits continues to grow with each new study, and one use that’s been repeatedly cited is CBD as a tool for managing chronic pain. Substantial evidence now shows that CBD oil is effective in treating pain, including ongoing, or chronic pain, experienced by adults. CBD can also help reduce inflammation and redness that is associated with this pain.

What Is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain refers to ongoing, persistent pain in any area of the body. It is characterized as pain lasting over a 3-month (12 week) time period, and continuing despite treatment or medications. Chronic pain can come about as a result of an injury, or may be associated with an ongoing medical condition. Aside from being uncomfortable, lasting chronic pain can actually lead to additional, emotional health issues including anxiety and depression.

What Causes Chronic Pain?

While chronic pain can come from a variety of sources, some common sources of chronic pain include the following:

  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Irritable bowel
  • Back pain
  • Accident (physical injury)
  • Surgery

Why Use CBD Oil for Chronic Pain?

CBD oil has a variety of benefits as a treatment option, making it a good choice for adults who are looking to treat pain in a different way than traditional methods offered.

It’s All Natural

While there are many ways to deal with pain such as using over-the-counter remedies (for example, ibuprofen), CBD has some unique benefits to offer. First and foremost, it’s natural. CBD is of course plant-based, meaning you aren’t putting chemicals or other substances in your body.

Users Don’t Build A Tolerance

Research also indicates that CBD users do not build up a tolerance to CBD oil when used as a treatment, unlike that which occurs with antibiotics. When one builds a tolerance to a medication, the dose has to be continually upped to render the medication effective over time. Since this is not true of CBD oil, quantities do not need to be increased over time, which means the treatment remains consistently effective and also results in a cost savings.

There Are Limited Side Effects

In most studies, the benefits of the pain management with CBD were good, and these benefits came with no adverse side effects noted. This is a large benefit over many other medicinal treatment options, where negative side effects are standard.

With all these benefits, CBD is shaping up to be a viable solution to several types of pain management. Read more about the many benefits of CBD for health in our CBD for Health & Wellness section.

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