Increasing Evidence Points to CBD As A Cure For Insomnia

Increasing Evidence Points to CBD As A Cure For Insomnia

CBD is offering myriad benefits when it comes to health and wellness, and being used to treat a variety of ailments plaguing people of all ages. The substance can help with anything from chronic pain to athletic training, and one of the CBD’s newer, most popular uses is in the treatment of sleeping issues. CBD is being investigated and effectively used to address common sleeping problems, from minor issues like getting a full night’s sleep to more serious conditions such as ongoing insomnia.

While research is still underway, studies are increasingly leaning towards supporting these benefits. There’s also an ever-growing body of anecdotal evidence online pointing to the fact that CBD can assist in getting the zzzs we all need to function at our best.

CBD For Sleep: How It Works

CBD can quell anxiety (we’ll cover this in a post coming soon), and as a result can enhance the quality of the sleep you get. Anxiety and stress are huge barriers to sleep and responsible for many sleep issues. In general, when your mind is racing or worried about something, it’s hard to calm down and fall asleep, to fall back asleep if you awaken during the night, or to fall into the deep sleep needed for optimal health. When your mind is at ease it’s easier to feel relaxed and sleep well. CBD works by interacting with receptors in your brain, including those that impact anxiety.

The Benefits of Good Night’s Sleep

Getting the right amount (quality) and a good level (quality) of sleep is very important.  It’s long been known that getting a good night’s sleep results in myriad benefits for daily health and well-being, and sleep is essential for both our minds and bodies to function at their best. Not to mention getting a good night’s sleep allows us to feel great! Some benefits of a proper sleep include:

  • More energy
  • Better brain function and ability to focus
  • Faster response time and problem-solving
  • Mood boost (feeling great!)
  • Improved physical performance (when completing activities like running, sports)
  • Fresh appearance (no more tired-looking eyes)

CBD For Sleep: Research and Evidence

Some studies are examining the effect of CBD on sleep, and although a good deal more research needs to be conducted, signs increasingly point to CBD as a way to reduce anxiety and consequently to improve the quality and quantity of sleep.

One recent Harvard study mentions CBD’s effectiveness for sleep-related issues. Similarly, a National Library of Medicine study looked at CBD and its effects on anxiety and sleep. In this particular study, nearly 67% of participants reported seeing improvements after starting with CBD. 

Additionally, there is an ever-expanding body of anecdotal evidence showing up online – or accounts of people who have used CBD to reduce anxiety. These firsthand reports from users CBD users detail how the substance has helped them to sleep better, longer and more soundly. And,as a result, they’ve used CBD to improve their overall well-being!

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