Why Cook With CBD?

Should you really cook with CBD? How about just vape it, use it as a muscle rub or cream, take it in pill form, or even ingest it sub-lingually? Well, for one, sometimes it is just fun to switch up your routine. Everything gets old after a while, and that is why doing something different to liven up your life can be good for you and your health.

Cooking with CBD is a good way to get your daily dose of CBD, especially if you do not suffer from an acute condition where you require immediate relief. When you consume CBD with your food, it gets digested and absorbed that way. That means it is a slower onset and also has less bioavailability. In other words, it will probably be a milder experience. Eating CBD will introduce the substance to your body over time, more slowly than putting it directly under your tongue or rubbing it into your muscles.

Plus, if you do it right, adding CBD as an ingredient into your meals can be a tasteless way to add more CBD into your daily routine. If you don’t enjoy taking CBD capsules or applying topicals, then consuming CBD cooked or baked into the food you eat can be a great intake method.

Thus, cooking with CBD can be a great way to infuse your life with an extra bit of CBD… yet you will barely notice a difference. Add it to your favorite meals and see what you think!

How to Infuse your Food with CBD

Wondering how exactly you can add CBD to your favorite recipes? Well, it all depends on the form you choose for your CBD. For example, you’ll do different things with a CBD oil than you would a CBD isolate. One thing you should know is that when it comes to cooking with CBD, you need to be careful about dosage. This isn’t because it will get you high, but you should make sure so that you don’t over do it.

It is always best to proceed with caution. You can always add more as you go, and learn what dosage works for you. That’s why it’s better to start with a very conservative amount, and then over time you can add more to your recipes as you learn what works for you. Remember that CBD may not be as strong once you add it to food and digest it, but it’s still a potent and packed with all kinds of beneficial properties. Take it easy and take your time in figuring out just what works for you.

Cooking with CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD. CBD isolate is just marijuana with everything extracted… except the CBD – in other words, CBD isolated by itself. CBD isolate is super pure and potent. It does not contain THC and thus will not get you high.

Adding CBD to your food is easy in the form of CBD isolate. You can purchase this form of CBD as a powder or even in small crystals. Then, simply blend these into your food. Sprinkle some into your daily smoothie or add it into a sauce or meal that you’re making. You many not even notice it’s there! That’s also why you should measure out how much to use beforehand; you don’t want to keep adding based on taste alone. The taste might be so subtle that you end up adding more than you should.

Cooking with CBD Oils

Yes, cooking with CBD oil is a delicious way to enforce healthy habits. Maybe you add a little to a salad dressing or sauté a piece of chicken in CBD oil. There are all kinds of creative recipes out there for any kind of meal you want to make! Of course, since CBD oil is potent you don’t want to add too much. Soaking something in CBD oil is likely going to cross that line pretty quickly. Just adding a little bit of the nourishing power of CBD can make a huge difference in your day.


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