Water Soluble CBD

These tinctures are made with water soluble CBD for maximum absorption and bioavailability. A water soluble CBD product will give you much more bang for your buck because you will be able to absorb more CBD and use the CBD much more efficiently in the “water soluble” based product than the regular one.

Simply put – since our bodies absorb as much as 90% of the CBD when it is water soluble (as opposed to 15% – 25% of NOT water soluble), then you need to take less CBD to have the desired effect. This not only saves you money but allows you to take in what your body can process.

All of the water soluble tinctures that we sell are from organic hemp that is CO2 extracted in a chemical-free process for maximum purity and quality. The result is a full-spectrum hemp oil extract, ensuring ensure that you get the benefit of many cannabinoids and terpenes.

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